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We are committed to building a Community of Collaboration, Connectivity, and Capital within the alternative investing and entrepreneurial ecosystems


  • A Global Ecosystem

    where capital, innovation and purpose collide

  • A Community

    of collaboration, connectivity and capital within the alternative investing and entrepreneurial ecosystems

  • A Gathering

    of relevant and influential investors, thought leaders and business-builders who are shaping the future of finance, the economy and society

  • A moment

    to sit amongst your peers – market-moving CEOs, investment icons, industry luminaries – who are transforming the ideas of today into the innovations and investments of tomorrow

  • A Forum

    to discuss the macro-economic conditions,geopolitical trends and investment opportunities for the year ahead

  • A Conversation

    amongst solution-orientated, intellectually-curious, and purpose-driven game-changers who are coming together to address critical issues

  • A Platform

    to inspire learning and innovation, catalyze growth and opportunity, access meaningful sources of deal-flow and capital, and network with the world’s brightest minds

  • A Movement

    that promotes the democratization of access, ideas and opportunities, while helping you build your capital – financial, strategic, social and human

  • This is Scale

What Is SCALE?

A Curated Community

SCALE Global merges the world’s leading alternative investors and financial entrepreneurs with high-growth business-builders, game-changing visionaries and influential public-policy officials to facilitate the exchange of ideas and capital – financial, strategic, social and human.

The SCALE delegation has been thoughtfully designed to provide an unmatched opportunity for you to ignite your business, access capital and deal-flow, expand your network and amplify your message.

A Curated Community


In the current environment where smart businesses are more discerning than ever about where to spend time and resources, I am confident in knowing the differentiated value the SCALE team provides. The content and networking opportunities they create within an experiential setting creates an energy conducive to establishing and strengthening relationships that is second to none.

Capital Allocator Breakdown

With over 700 allocators, SCALE provides unparalleled access to meaningful sources of capital.

Capital Allocator Breakdown

Discovering Tomorrow’s Opportunities Today

In leveraging our vast network – and experience in creating and producing the world’s largest alternative conference – we design a four day program that spurs idea generation, fosters community and establishes authentic relationships. Highlights include:

  • Inspiring Keynotes

  • Forward-Looking Panels

  • Investor Roundtables

  • Master Classes

  • Sector Spotlights

  • 1:1 Meetings

  • Wellness Workshops

  • Mindfulness Moments

  • Live Performances


Victor, Kelly and their team are the best in the business – and have been able to, year after year, create a vision and pull different high profile influential folks together and successfully orchestrate the type of event we sponsor for a decade.

The Content

SCALE Global presents four days of forward-looking editorial content that is designed to inspire learning and innovation; spur idea generation; promote deep thinking and move markets. From theory to application, the curriculum is based upon a top-down approach to investing and innovation.

The Content


Inspire. Connect. Educate. Entertain.

The program will feature inspiring keynotes, forward-looking panels and sector spotlights delivered from over 150 of the world’s most relevant and powerful thought leaders – investment icons, seasoned CEOs, enterprising entrepreneurs and disruptive innovators – who are transforming industry, society and the economy.

Sprinkled throughout the agenda will be engaging networking opportunities and experiential activities that are designed to spark meaningful conversations and facilitate serendipitous interactions so that delegates can further grow their business, portfolio and network.


Macroeconomic Conditions. Geopolitical Trends. Accelerating Innovations. Investment Opportunities.

From theory to application, the SCALE curriculum is based upon a top-down approach to investing and innovation. Over the course of four days, attendees will engage in discussions and debates on the macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical trends and investment opportunities that will shape the year ahead.


I’ve been to many events hosted by the founders of SCALE and each and every one of them have created endless memories, contacts and great fun. The “scale” of the event that will be put on at SCALE is like no other and sure to be the most memorable for years to come. I can’t wait to continue to attend, support and promote an event that has done so much for my career and the industry.