Jewel Kilcher

Founding Partner & Head of Mindfulness

Jewel is a singer-songwriter, actress, and 2x New York Times Bestselling author. As a mental health expert and mindfulness advocate, she is passionate about wellness, equal rights, and inspiring at-risk youth with a whole human approach to education.

Jewel is the Co-Chair of the Inspiring Children’s Foundation and #NOTALONE Committee Member. She has used her platform to advocate for mental health and to encourage organizations to “invest in human capital” and has participated in the prestigious conferences in the world including Fortune’s Most Powerful Woman, Wisdom 2.0 and Wellness Your Way Festival.

For over thirty years Jewel worked with the top psychologists, experts and practitioners to create her “Whole Human System,” which has 10 Pillars of Healing and Growth, with 30 tools and over 100 activations to inspire physical, emotional and mental health. Jewel’s “Whole Human System” has been used to create curriculum and products for non-profits, school districts, corporations and consumers. For two decades, Jewel’s system and Inspiring Children Foundation (ICF) have been empowering children struggling with financial hardship, anxiety, depression and a variety of mental health challenges by giving them the ultimate environment to survive, then thrive at the highest levels.

Jewel’s “Whole Human” philosophy is designed to help people gain tone and strength in all areas of their lives and most importantly as friends, associates and contributors to society. She has authentically become one the most notable spokespersons and advocates for the 2modern-day wellness, mental health and mindfulness movement.

Jewel has used her system to create a K-6 Social Emotional Learning and language arts curriculum (SELLA) for Montgomery County Educational Services School District. To marry her music with her passion for mental health Jewel co-founded The Wellness Experience, By Kroger, an in-person music, food & wellness festival to bring physical, emotional and mental health to the masses for free. The Festival has an additional four online wellness summits, including the premier World Mental Health Day Concert benefiting her Inspiring Children Foundation. All of this content is made available for free on The Wellness Experience, By Kroger, Digital Platform.

Jewel founded Jewel Inc., which is a holding company for all her passions and work in music, TV, film and entrepreneurial endeavors. She has co-created human development, education and mental health programs in hopes of helping more people to become whole humans by partnering with existing delivery systems. To this end she is partnering with some of the world’s most innovative companies like Zappos, StageLight Group and Saks Fifth Avenue to help deliver happiness into people’s everyday lives at work and at home. This business offers organizations an in person and digital curriculum to help them enter the next frontier of corporate culture; making meaningful investments in their human capital. This system increases happiness, productivity and loyalty, while inspiring people to be less anxious, more resilient, creative and entrepreneurial. Most recently, Jewel co-founded the first wellness center in virtual reality, Innerworld to help SCALE this system.