Kelly O’Connor

Kelly O’Connor

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SCALE Global | StageLight Group

Kelly has over 20 years of experience in strategically developing and growing businesses, brands and strategic partnerships – primarily in the financial and entrepreneurial ecosystem. She is committed to building communities of collaboration, connectivity, celebration and capital – financial, social, human and strategic.

Kelly is CEO of Lumiere Partners where she works with companies, entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to help them grow their business and amplify their brand by developing strategic partnerships and executing community engagement strategies. In addition, she is a Managing Partner of StageLight Group, which consists of her diverse investments. Advisory and investments include SCALE Global, HitRecord, BOMANI, Zappos and MODD Group as well as residential real estate properties and restaurants worldwide.

Kelly has also served in the White House as the Chief Growth Officer of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation and has ghostwritten, edited, and packaged numerous non-fiction and finance books – including 12 bestsellers, 3 of which were listed in The New York Times.

Previously, Kelly was a Partner & Executive Director of Business Development and Strategy at SkyBridge Capital where she co-led teams engaged in marketing and events; brand development and strategic partnerships; and communications and public relations. Prior she was an Editor at John Wiley & Sons and began her career at Columbia University working on Special Events, Projects & Communications.

Kelly received a Master’s degree in Organization & Leadership from Columbia University. She also earned a B.A. in English Literature from Wagner College and graduated summa cum laude.

A native New Yorker, her global experience spans more than 20 years in various locations including the U.S., London, Switzerland, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is passionate about building communities of collaboration, connectivity and celebration.

Please contact Kelly to learn more about SCALE Global Summit by emailing her at kelly@stagelightgroup.com.