William Barr

William P. Barr

77th & 85th United States Attorney General

A native New Yorker, Barr earned his A.B. and M.A. degrees at Columbia University and, while working  at the CIA, earned his law degree at night at George Washington University. After a prestigious judicial  clerkship, Barr spent a decade practicing law at a Washington firm, interrupted by a stint in the Reagan  White House. President George H.W. Bush successively appointed Barr Assistant Attorney General,  

Deputy Attorney General, and finally the 77th Attorney General, where he played a key role in seminal  events of that era, including the invasion of Panama, Pan Am 103, the Gulf War, the S & L crisis, and the  LA riots. After that service, Barr spent 15 years as General Counsel of GTE Corporation, and its successor  company, Verizon. Retiring at the end of 2008, Barr served on a number of corporate boards and  consulted for corporate clients. In late 2018, with the Trump Administration careening toward a possible  constitutional crisis, Barr agreed to serve again as Attorney General. Taking office in February 2019, Barr  resolved the Russiagate matter, and was called on to address the crime surge across America, the  Mexican cartels, civil unrest, religious liberty, the pandemic, the death penalty, Big Tech, and the threat  of China. Barr’s memoir, One Damn Thing After Another, published in March 2022, was a number one  New York Times bestseller.