Saeju Jeong

Saeju Jeong

CEO & Co-Founder, Noom

Born in South Korea to a family of doctors, Saeju has always had an intense desire to help people. From an early age, he knew his life’s work would be dedicated to improving the well-being of as many people as possible. After founding South Korea’s first-ever heavy metal record label, it was the death of his father that prompted Saeju to become motivated to change lives for the better and use his entrepreneurial spirit to make an impact. After dropping out of college and moving to the US, Saeju met his co-founder Artem Petakov, who shared his vision of helping people live healthier lives, and Saeju convinced him to leave Google to develop Noom. In the decade and a half since, Noom has emerged as the most recognized behavior change platform and most loved weight loss program, helping to transform the lives of millions around the world. The company has also recently released its first hard copy book, The Noom Mindset, which became an overnight, national bestseller.

As CEO, Saeju is responsible for setting the strategic vision for Noom and has led the company through several years of tremendous growth. He has received several awards including EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Harvard Business School Alumnae Association of Northern California’s Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, and others. He leads Noom’s Associate Partnership with the World Economic Forum and is a regular attendee at its Annual Meeting at Davos.