Ryan Wolfington

Ryan Wolfington

President, Jewel Inc. / Chief Mental Health Officer, Saks Fifth Avenue

Ryan Wolfington is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mental health advocate. Prior to entering the Nonprofit world, Ryan was an entrepreneur who started and restructured public companies. Since the early 90’s, Wolfington has been a conscious capitalist and early adopter of the importance of a strong corporate culture, using physical, emotional and mental health to invest in human capital. Wolfington was honored by the invitation to continue his mission by collaborating with 4 time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter and New York Times Best selling author, JEWEL, as President of Jewel Inc. Jewel Inc. has helped corporations like Zappos, Saks Fifth Avenue and Car Saver with wellness programming and an annual music & wellness festival. Wolfington is proud to be the nations first “Chief Mental Health Officer” in charge of infusing wellness into Hudson Bay Companies, including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Wolfington’s curriculum and collaboration with Jewel and their “Inspiring Children Foundation” has helped thousands of youth and adults to find peace of mind, joy and happiness through their mental health programs.