Nicole Kalhorn

Nicole Kalhorn

Director of Product & Wellness, Hudson’s Bay Company Properties & Investments

Nicole Kalhorn is the Director of Product & Wellness, with Hudson’s Bay Company Properties & Investments (HBC P&I). She strives to create products and teams that systematically expand upon and reinforce individuals’ healthy habits and mindsets. Her goal is to empower individuals to deepen connections with themselves and one another, ultimately benefiting their broader community. Nicole is currently an intrapreneur with HBC P&I, where she is building a new B2B operating company, focusing on infusing scientifically-backed health practices into physical workspaces. Her current project services over 1,500 members across 7 different companies.

Previously with HBC, she served as a founding member of SaksWorks, a new membership club & coworking concept emphasizing health & well-being. Here, she co-created an evidence-based emotional/behavioral health curriculum alongside renowned human development experts and practitioners, and leveraged it to inform the content and programming of the real estate. Prior to SaksWorks’ acquisition by Convene in 2022, her team opened 4 locations across Manhattan and Connecticut, servicing over 3,000 members.

In addition to her work as an intrapreneur, Nicole serves on the board of the InspiringChildren Foundation (ICF), a non-profit foundation where she is an alumni, focused on empowering at-risk youth through restorative mental health programs. During her time with ICF, she grew her love of tennis and school, which led her to Princeton, where she played tennis for 4 years, and graduated with a degree in Public Policy and International Affairs. She now enjoys activities where you don’t have to be as considerate-of-injuries, including skiing & snowboarding, mountain biking, and enjoying copious amounts of either hot chocolate or ramen.