Josh Kampel

Josh Kampel

Chief Executive Officer, Worth Media

Josh is the CEO of Worth Media where he oversees the overall strategic and editorial direction of the company while working closely with the management team to conceptualize and build scalable products and services.

A serial tech & media entrepreneur, Josh served as CEO of Techonomy Media, which was sold to Clarim Holdings, Worth’s parent company, in 2018. At Techonomy, Josh spent 8 years driving sustainable business growth through strategic partnerships and new product development. He built Techonomy to be one of the leading media companies covering technology and its impact on business and society. Prior to Techonomy, Josh was the Chief Marketing officer of Transactis, an electronic billing & payments fintech company that was sold to Mastercard.

Josh sits on the board of Planet Reimagined, a non profit focused on climate advocacy started by multi-platinum artist Adam Met of AJR. He is a board member of various early stage tech companies, focused on helping them raise capital and build strategic partnerships.

Josh holds a MBA from Boston University and a BA from Brandeis University.