Dame Didi Wong

Dame Didi Wong

Co-Founder and CEO Minard Wong Foundation

Born in Hong Kong, educated in England and France and now residing in The United States, Dame Didi Wong is an Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Hollywood Film & TV Producer & Financier, Business and Speaking Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Philanthropist. She has been honored by the Women Economic Forum with the award of “Woman of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” as well as an award of Achievements, Recognition and Excellence by the National Council of Women from the Egyptian Government.  She’s spoken at the United Nations and was a resident keynote speaker on the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour.

Behind the screen, Dame Didi has funded, executive produced and worked alongside the likes of Larry King, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Chris Voss, the former top FBI negotiator, Dick Vitale, the Basketball legend and currently developing Academy Award contenders with Hollywood’s elite filmmakers, writers and producers.  She was the lead in a feature documentary on her journey as a speaker called “Impact” that has won multiple major film festivals globally including the Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Belgium Film Festivals for “Best inspirational film”.  The film was also nominated at the Sydney and Tokyo Film Festivals.

Dame Didi was given the Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles for helping women entrepreneurs succeed.  Oprah Magazine calls her a “Woman Who Means Business.”  She was given Ethiopia’s Victory of Adwa Medal for her support to the Ethiopian Crown Council.  She was knighted by the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen of Spain to further the Royal initiatives both domestically and internationally.  She was inducted into the Fashion 4 Development Leading Ladies at the United Nations General Assembly.  She recently co-authored an International Best Seller “The Vine:  Messages of Hope from Around the World” with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Dr. Jane Goodall, Ambassador Andrew Jackson Young Jr., and Djimon Hounsou to name a few.

While drawn to anything that brings joy to others’ lives, Dame Didi discovered her joy in speaking. Powered by a love to teach and contribute to others’ confidence, connection and cashflow, she’s built The Yes Academy into a premier entrepreneurial mentorship program. Here, she helps her clients with speaking, pitching, networking, PR, branding, marketing, and investing so they have the confidence and skills needed to get to the top—and stay there.

Philanthropy is her greatest passion.  She was chosen to be one of twelve “Apostles” in the world to personally help His Holiness Pope Francis with his Foundation “Scholas Occurentes” with its expansion into the U.S.  She is a founding member of the Parent Council in the Obstetrics and Post-Partum department at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, where she helped lead initiatives that were adopted in other hospitals nationally.  She is the President of the Women Economic Forum Los Angeles and she is on the Executive Board for multiple companies dedicated to better the world.   She is also the Executive Ambassador for the Reef Life Foundation, an organization focused on ocean conservation as well as the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, serving the children and youth communities in building schools.

Last but not least, she co-founded the Minard Wong Foundation with her dear friend Tim Minard, dedicated to Positivity, Prosperity and Peace.  The Foundation’s current project is to commission the statue of Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta’s Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park in April 2023 working closely with the National Monuments Foundation.  The Foundation will also work towards tackling issues such as human trafficking, mental health and education.

Her superpowers lie in managing her four children under the age of twelve, including a set of identical girl twins and all her projects, investments and travels always with a smile on her face.